We are a group of storytelling artists working within the African oral tradition.  We seek to redefine our folklore, folk medicine, folk life, folk wisdom, and to harness the power of deep symbolism in our traditional African stories.


  • To promote and disseminate knowledge of our history through folklore
  • To reach out to youth
  • To mentor new generations of tellers
  • To promote the oral tradition of new audiences
  • To sponsor storytelling in our communities

Glory Days
By Thelma Ruffin Thomas and Dr. Joyce C. Duncan
Our days are soooo full of blessings. We give thanks.
African Folk Heritage Circle, Inc. experiences another year of storytelling that enriches, broadens and develops community knowledge, power and strength through the following storytelling programs:

Love Stories (February)  Our first annual gathering to tell stories of passion, lust, longing, joy, friendship, family:  born into, extended and selected were revealed  @ T. R.Thomas Salon in the Chelsea community.

 WeMoms Festival (March)  A delightful 6th annual intergenerational afternoon was enjoyed!  Together we celebrated WeMoms’ triumphs, turmoils, vissisitudes and victories… through story, song and dance. Our featured tellers were Lynnette Braxton, Jarbreel Ali, guest voter rights  speaker  Lunetha Lancaster and fabulous Fashion Designs by Zawadi modeled in the magnificent Skylight Art Gallery at  Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.

Liars Contest (April)  3rd Annual, T. R. Thomas Salon, Chelsea, NY
The lies started at the door, continued…one more astounding than the one before! What a night filled with laughter and fun.

Nuts and Bolts of Storytelling (April)  7th Annual Workshop, JCDuncan Salon, Harlem, NY.
This intense, productive and dynamic workshop revealed ways to create, shape, select and tell your own stories. 

Storytelling Retreat (May)  2nd Annual Retreat, Shawnee, PA.
Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling galore! Personal, folk, fairy, herstorical tales…forms, voice range, gestures, mime and body postures used to tell stories were demonstrated, reviewed and practiced, practiced, practiced by all. Walking, swimming, rope jumping, reading, cooking and eating together in between much storytelling.

Juneteenth Jubilee (June)  5th Annual Festival, Brotherhood and Sister Sol, Harlem, NY.
Herstories, songs, histories, chants and traditional dance of the 1863 era. Our featured teller: Scottie Davis(Mime Artist) was exquisite! What a joyous celebration.

Storytelling In The Garden (July)  3rd Annual, JC Duncan Garden Salon, Harlem, NY.
Stories of Harriet Tubman(Moses), Louisiana legends, Tales, Literary tales by Chestnut/
Hughes/ Hurston, wellness, healing and more. What a glorious evening under the stars.

Harlem Week (August)  AFHC members  were featured storytellers for a great Harlem
intergenerational enthusiastic community in the auditorium and out under the sunshine.

Jazz Vespers (September)  3rd Annual, St. Peters’ Church, NY.
Sista’s ‘n Brotha’s In The Spirit did Biblical storytelling galore with drumming along with Rochelle Austin, our marvelous movement artist.

Tell-A-Round (October)  4th Annual, St. Peters’ Church, NY.
Sista’s ‘n Brotha’s In The Spirit told  stories, stories, stories ‘n more stories from the Bible with dash, vigor, daring and whimsy. What an enchanting evening!

Tellabration (November)  6th Annual, Brotherhood and Sister Sol,  Harlem, NY.
Four astounding tellers: Amatullah Saleem, Ben Jacobs, Linda Humes and Atiba Kwabena
Wilson told breathtaking stories about unity, ecology, and our roots.

Kwanzaa Festival (December)  9th Annual, Fred Samuels Recreation Center, Harlem, NY.
Another festive, memorable community celebration of Kwanzaa tales through story, dance, visual art, drumming and singing…We honored our former active members who are now ancestors.


2018 Calendar

Tues. 8 Jan. Our King’s Legacy
Sister Uptown Book Store
7–10 PM $5 Donation

Sun. 27 Jan. Risqué Stories
Thelma R. Thomas Salon
3 – 6 pm

Tues. 5 Feb. Harlem Legendary Lovers
Sister Uptown Book Store
7–10 PM $5 Donation
Mystery Artist

Sun. 24 Feb. Love Stories
Thelma R. Thomas Salon
3 – 6 pm

Tues. 4 Mar. Discover A New You
Sister’s Uptown Book Store
1942 Amsterdam Avenue @ 156 Street, NY
7–10 PM $5 Donation
Linda Cousins-Newton, Featured Poet
Dr. Joyce, 212.568.1645

Sun. 23 Mar. “We Moms” Celebration
Sister’s Uptown Book Store
3 – 6 PM $10 Donation
Celebrating Women and Community

Tues. 1 Apr. Fools & Liars Only
Sister’s Uptown Book Store
7–10 PM $5 Donation
Radhiyah Ayobomi, Featured Poet

Tues. 6 May Sayin’s of Our Mothers
Sister’s Uptown Book Store
7–10 PM $5 Donation
Rome Neal, Featured Poet

12 – 15 May Retreat
Shawnee, Pennsylvania; $100 per day, Sliding Scale
Martz Bus to Delaware Water Gap; Daytime Shuttle arranged

24, 25, 26 May Dance Africa Bazaar
2 – 5PM

Tues. 3 June Juneteenth Jubilee
Sister’s Uptown Bookstore
7-10PM $5 Donation
David Pleasant, Featured Poet

Tues. 1 July True Liberation
Sister’s Uptown Bookstore
7-10PM $5 Donation
Chardelle Imani Lassiter, Featured Poet

Thurs. 3 July International African Arts Festval
4- 5:30PM